Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Conversation at a restaurant

Do you need more practise? Click on this link to see an American conversation at a restaurant:

Monday, 23 January 2012

Expressions: At the restaurant

To start:
-       Have you got a reservation? / Have you booked a table?    - Yes, we have.
-       We have a reservation under the name of Mr Smith.
-       Have you got a table for two, please? / A table for two, please
-       Certainly! Follow me, please / This way, please/ This is your table
-       Can I make a reservation for tomorrow, please?   
-       Certainly! / Yes, of course.
-       Can I have the menu, please?    – Here you are, Sir / Madam.

-       Are you ready to order? / Can I take the order, please?    - Yes, please.
-       Would you like to order now?     - Yes, please.
-       What would you like to drink
-       Would you like anything to drink? 
-       I’d like some mineral water/ fizzy water/ a glass of Rioja red wine, please.
-       Can I have a glass of water, please?     - Certainly! / Here you are!

To go on:
-       What would you like to eat?
-       What would you like for starter/ main course/ dessert?

-       I’ll have the steak, please.
-       Fried chicken for me, please.
-       How would you like your steak, Sir / Madam?
-       Rare, medium or well done?
-       I asked for my steak well done, please
-       I’ll change it / I’ll get you another one.
-       I’ll send it back to the kitchen.
-       Here you are another one, Madam/Sir.

-       What kind of pizza would you like?        - A pizza Margherita, please.
-       Could I have some more bread?    - Straight away. Here you are, Sir / Madam.
-       Would you like a coffee?    - Yes, a white / black coffee, please.
-       Is everything alright? / Did you enjoy the meal, Sir?

To finish:
-       Can I have the bill, please? / Could I have the check (American), please?
-       I’m buying / This is on me.
-       It’s very kind of you.
-       These shots are on the house.
-       How are you paying, Sir / Madam?
-       Can I pay by visa?  or in cash?    
-       You can pay by visa if you wish, Madam.
-       Can you sign here, please?     - Yes.
-       Here you are your credit card, Sir / Madam.    – Thanks.
-       Take the tip, please.    – Thank-you very much!

-       We hope you’ve enjoyed the meal.     – Yes, it was delicious!
-       Thanks for your visit.   – Thank-you!
-       Have a nice day!    - You too. Thanks!
-       See you soon!     - Good bye! 

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